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Helping women embrace their natural beauty through color analysis

Wish you knew which colors looked best on you?

Want to learn how to combine colors so you can dress better?

Ready to rejuvenate your look so you can create a closet filled with clothes that make you look radiant?

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Brittnee Smith

Color Consultant
& Blonde Hair Expert

I'm a
Color Consultant

If that title is new to you, or makes you really curious, let me tell you more about how my passion for fashion has been revolutionized by color.

Did you know you have a personal palette of best colors? I've been trained to help you discover those colors through the analysis of your unique hair color, eye color and skin tone. Your collection of 36 colors (your Color Code) is designed to complement and flatter your beauty. Learning about your Color Code and how to use it is a process that involves color draping, swatches & a whole lot of fun!

I'd love to work with you! Check out my services and tools then reach out to schedule a FREE 15-min over-the-phone consultation with me.


Discover your personal color collection


The secret to making sure you're buying the right color


The guide that makes getting dressed every day fun & easy


Shari Braendel

Style by Color

Founder of Style by Color, Shari Braendel’s passion in life has always centered around fashion and style. 


Growing up in a small town, she was always grateful that her mother had such a flair for style. In the second grade, Shari was the only one who carried a purse that matched her shoes. As a teenager, she loved putting together different outfits with just the right colors and accessories.


She was introduced to Color Analysis in the 80’s soon after she graduated from college with her degree in Fashion Merchandising. Upon opening up her own Image Consulting Firm in Miami, Florida, she added color analysis to her long list of skills to share with her clients. She feels color is the basis of every woman’s image, and without it, a key element is missing.


Author, style editor, speaker, educator, and professional image consultant, she’s now turned her passion for fashion into an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to unlock their style potential and start enjoying how they look and feel, like never before. 


She has trained and certified over 250 image and color consultants around the world.


Author of Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear, Shari is the founder of the Color Code System, 27 Hangers, the seasonal capsule wardrobe downloadable Closet Outfit Planner, and the host of Style Tips with Shari YouTube Channel. Find her at


"Spending time with any one of the incredible women who have completed the Style by Color Color Academy certification can be a life-changing experience as you learn about your best colors! And, your appointment can be done in-person or virtually. Just need to order a Color Swatch Deck?

They can help you with that too!"


Want to learn more about becoming a Color Consultant?

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